Pattern & Production

Designed for the little ones

From the outset, the BUX has been designed to make the outdoors an all day playroom for youngsters. Lots of children have already tested them: in the forests and meadows, in the playground and on the beach, in the kindergarten and on holiday. The pattern, production and design, with its many details, reflect years of experience and testing. 

Bequeme Träger mit Gummizug Längenverstellbare Träger Kleine Geheimtasche für Fundsachen Stabile Schlaufe zum Aufhängen Weitenverstellbar durch Druckknöpfe Geräumiger Po durch spezielle Nahtführung Kappnähte an den Schrittnähten Keine Seitennaht Rechts-links-Nähte am Innenbein Gummizug im Bündchen

The BUX is cut wide with a lot of air to accommodate warm layers. And even thick fabric nappies will easily fit. The rubber bands at the bottom of the leg stretch to fit over small boots. 

At the back, the BUX has the step seam not in the middle, but to the right and left: this means nothing can pull into the step and get in the way of walking and moving about. 

On the sides the BUX has no seams at all. This eliminates one of the most common problems with waterproof trousers, which often let water in on the side seams.

All the seams of the BUX are felled seams: the most stable and dense seam there is. On the inner leg we use the less stiff right-left seams. This bit of extra care in the production means that all fabric edges are hidden in the seams - no irritating scratches. 

Both straps have rubber bands on the back so kids can always sit down comfortably. Push-buttons allow three lengths - so the BUX will fit growing kids for a long time.

The width can also be adjusted at the waist using a push-button - depending on the size of the child and the thickness of the nappies and under-layers.

Small treasures can be hidden in the secret pocket on the inside of the bib.

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