All about the BUX

The BUX - How it came about
When my first son became a toddler and started crawling, I looked for outdoor play trousers which he could wear in the mud and wet. I wanted a material that breathes and feels pleasant on the skin - without plastic,...
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Material - BUX is made of certified organic cotton
BUX are the outdoor play trousers made of certified organic cotton, without synthetic fibres, membrane films, rubber or PU coating. This distinguishes the BUX from conventional waterproof trousers and provides a unique feel-good climate in almost any weather. For this...
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Sizes Children - should grow
Each BUX grows with your child for a long time. The legs of the BUX, for example, initially simply compress thanks to the cuffs. The straps over the shoulders can be extended in three stages; the integrated elasticated straps ensure...
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