Maintenance - A BUX will last many years

Pflege - Eine BUX hält viele Jahre

Please adhere to the following instructions to get the most out of your BUX:

  1. Do not machine wash! Just bash out the daily mud — you can easily remove dirt or stains with a brush or a sponge.
  2. Very occasional, gentle hand washing with liquid soap is possible. Do not use fabric softener! Then rinse the BUX twice with lukewarm water and hang it to dry, avoiding direct sun.
  3. Careful ironing after washing reactivates the protective layer. 
  4. When necessary you can use a thin wax impregnation such as "Nikwax Cottonproof" (PFC-free, naturally) to renew the waterproof coating. "Greenland Wax” from Fjäll Räven is another possibility for impregnation.