How to use the BUX

Wie du die BUX nutzt

... the outdoor play trousers for every day

BUX in the summer

When the grass is still wet with dew in the morning, simply put the BUX over shorts. The same works for the cool, moist air in the evening. Sitting by a campfire? No problem! The BUX’s natural material can withstand small sparks. 

At noon the temperature-balancing cotton remains comfortable in the heat as a single layer, and it provides reliable protection from the sun rays, insects and hot sand. Even if it gets covered in mud or soaked in a summer storm, no problem: the BUX dries very quickly, and then you can just shake off any dust and dirt.

BUX in spring and autumn

Wear with one or two thin warming layers underneath, such as tights or leggings made from wool or cotton. The BUX is the perfect choice for the transitional season: autumn and spring storms can’t get through, wet foliage or rain showers are no problem. It is best not to wear any synthetics under the BUX: with synthetic material it may suddenly get hot, moist, cold, scratchy or stuffy. 

As it gets colder choose a thicker middle layer. Woollens are the best under layers for the BUX: they absorb moisture without getting cold, and the body's warmth is enough to start drying them, resulting in the wonderful body climate which makes the BUX so pleasant.  And even if some moisture should get into the BUX, with wool underneath it stays warm and mostly dry.

BUX in winter

snow or sleighing, igloo-building or running around in the snow - the BUX is great in the winter and reliably keeps out even strong cold winds. What you wear underneath is important: long underpants, leggings or thermals as a base layer and thick trousers for the middle layer. Again it is best to use best woollen fleece, voluminous cotton fleece, quilting or similar. 

Please don’t use synthetics - all the pleasant features of the BUX will disappear! Wool, as already mentioned, is ideal: it absorbs moisture and it quickly dries again due to the heat of the body. Winter, here we come!

Custom products are possible on request, including the BUX for adults.