Material - BUX is made of certified organic cotton

Material - BUX ist aus zertifizierter Bio-Baumwolle

BUX are the outdoor play trousers made of certified organic cotton, without synthetic fibres, membrane films, rubber or PU coating. This distinguishes the BUX from conventional waterproof trousers and provides a unique feel-good climate in almost any weather.

For this extraordinary fabric, extra long fibres of cotton are spun very finely but loosely, woven extremely densely and finally impregnated with a very fine layer of wax. The result is a breathable, soft and light material that defies wind and weather and feels very comfortable even directly on the skin. Manufactured in Switzerland, the fabric is certified to a very high standard.

Even if moisture penetrates into the material despite its excellent water-repellent properties (water column 600 millimetres), it swells up and prevents large amounts of water from passing through. The fabric is not absolutely waterproof; even the best BUX will eventually become weak in permanent or severe wetness, especially if the thin wax waterproofing is worn out. This is usually not a problem in practice. You can easily renew the waterproofing yourself at any time. And for all those who plan for extreme conditions, a two-layer version of the BUX is available on request.

The thread used for the BUX is made in Germany and contains a polyester core to improve tear resistance, which is finely wound with cotton, this makes the strong seams practically waterproof.

The sturdy brass press studs made in Germany do not rust and are nickel-free.

The BUX is completely vegan and is produced under fair conditions in Germany and Poland, and of course without child labour. We have personal contacts with all parties involved.