The BUX - How it came about

Die BUX - Wie alles kam

When my first son became a toddler and started crawling, I looked for outdoor play trousers which he could wear in the mud and wet. I wanted a material that breathes and feels pleasant on the skin - without plastic, without synthetic coating, and without toxic chemicals. I found none. So I made one for him.
Out in the playground other parents asked me: "Where did you get them? What fabric is that? "
As a graduate fashion designer, I want people to feel comfortable in their clothes. Especially children and especially when they play outdoors, which hopefully they do most days. They should be comfortable and dry; not hot and sweaty or cold and damp.

So I refined my design and made more.

The trousers got some final detail: a hanger, a secret pocket and a name. This was how the BUX was born.

I am inspired by beautiful material and good quality. I do not want cheap clothes, which perish quickly and are made under unspeakable conditions in monstrous textile factories, possibly by children. The BUX is produced exclusively in small factories in Germany and Poland. I know everyone involved in the process of making the BUX and personally stay in contact with them.